Marketing Opportunities

Promote your brand and sell your products.

Promote your Product or Brand

Bauhu Lifestyle is a collaborative,cross media platform dedicated to promoting interesting, unusual and innovative products within the lifestyle sector. Our audience represents an affluent, educated, influential community of consumers, trade professionals and brands with a deep interest in home style and modern design.

We offer a number of opportunities for brand and product promotion by way of native 'stories' seamlessly integrated into the web platform. Subtle, stylish and integrated promotional copy is written by our team of editorial staff and published within web content creating a powerful message without appearing as conventional advertising.

Integrated promotional material is not deleted or redacted by ad blocking programmes guaranteeing 100% visibility across all browsers and can be extended into social media posts and Facebook marketing campaigns.

To discuss recommendations for promoting your brand or product please contact us by email using the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Sell your Products

If your products are a good fit for our web platform and are likely to appeal to our audience you can sell them here. We can sell third party products as a concessionaire with a pre agreed trade discount or we can list your products for sale on our platform as a commercial service.

To discuss opportunities for selling your products please contact us by email using the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Benefit From Our Media Assets

Constant commitment to site editing and optimization contribute to an increasing core of digital assets. Ongoing development of media contact and press networking provides direct DAILY engagement from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and social media platforms as well as core marketing assets within the home lifestyle industry.

The Definitive Lifestyle Marketplace

Our platform is devoted to the global community where visitors can find a great selection of home and lifestyle ideas, exceptional and unique products and share wonderful homes in exotic destinations ALL IN ONE PLACE.