Floating Home Nine


This building is custom built to order and equipped according to customer requirements. Prices listed are intended as a guide only.

Unique floating homes, studios, offices, retail buildings and hospitality. Floating structures are based on a concrete raft so they can be put practically anywhere and are easily moved to new locations. Outstanding design and attention to detail ensures that Bauhu floating buildings surpass UK building regulation requirements and provide a clean and comfortable space without compromise on furnishing, or bathroom and kitchen equipment. Floating Homes are supplied fully equipped and furnished ready for immediate occupation.

Bauhu homes are manufactured and pre-assembled at factory level to ensure an engineered finished product and an accurate component supply. All parts of the building envelope and interior decoration items are assembled together as a ‘kit’ to provide a complete building package ready for assembly on site. 

This home is supplied as a prefabricated kit complete with all of the structural elements, components and equipment required to assemble the building to a fully water and airtight condition. Below is a non exhaustive scope of supply:

  • Lightweight galvanized steel structure for external walls and internal partition walls (frames) according to structural calculations for the building type. The external wall frame composition is engineered according to structural calculations. In most case the steel frame is 90/150mm wide. These calculations take into account typical usage loadings and conditions specific to areas in seismic activity zones. Assessment of suitability for specific construction locations should be carried out by competent local engineers instructed by the buyer and is not included in this scope. Internal walls are made from the same steel frame profiles.

  • External wall fibercement sheathing. Tyvec waterproofing membrane, Rockwool wall insulation, fibre cement plank external siding and decorative fibre cement corner boards, window frames and sills. - The light steel frame of the building is wrapped in a constructive coating of cement board and a rain screening (Tyvek) membrane. The final finish is a provided by textured ‘Hardie’ type siding/cladding planks. Opening trims, window sills, fascia panels, soffits and corner boards are supplied in smooth finish cement board pre cut for final finishing and assembly on site.

  • Galvanised steel roof structure, trusses and purlins with fibre cement constructive cladding and Tyvek waterproofing membrane. Fibre cement soffit and facsia boards, rain gutter and downpipes. Suspended ceiling hanger system, plasterboard ceiling, glasswool ceiling insulation. - Pitched roof buildings are supplied with light steel roof frames and trusses, a vapour control membrane and a cement board constructive coating, leaving a watertight finish in preparation for a final roof covering in polymer resin or galvanized steel roof sheets.

  • Interior wall Rockwool insulation, Fire resistant gyproc dry lining, Water resistant gyproc dry lining - Rockwool insulation matting is used to fill internal wall cavities providing thermal insulation and soundproofing. Exterior and interior paint, decorating materials and equipment. - Two skins of gyproc are applied to both sides of internal walls and inside outer walls. Water resistant gyproc is used in wet areas. Decorating equipment is supplied as part of the building package.

  • Class A uPVC doors, windows and sliding doors with double glazed units. Composite external doors. - Internal doors are supplied as complete door and frame sets together with liners and architrave profiles. Doors have multi-point locking system for maximum security and peace of mind and are pre finished but can be painted if alternative colours are required. Door furniture and hinges are stainless steel or chrome. Impact resistant laminated glass is provided in high wind climatic locations.

  • Sanitary ware and plumbing installation equipment. - The sanitary ware package is premium quality white ceramic and all equipment is supplied according to bathroom layouts shown on individual house design floor plans. Taps, shower and bathroom equipment accessories are polished chrome. Shower bases are designed to be tiled flush to floor finishes or incorporate a shallow ceramic tray. Shower enclosures and wall tile finishes are not provided.

  • First and second fix plumbing installation materials. - First fix plumbing installation equipment for water distribution throughout the building and second fix connections and fittings for installing sanitary ware. Any outside or under slab installation is not included. Hot water tanks or water heaters, water treatment and water softening equipment are not supplied as part of the sanitary ware package. External connections to services and waste are excluded.

  • Electrical installation materials, cable, conduit, switches, sockets – Bauhu homes are supplied with standard electrical system materials. Cable, sockets, switches, data points and fused consumer units are included according to specific house designs. All cables are run through flexible plastic conduit contained within the thickness of the steel frame walls and ceilings. Temporary lamp holders are supplied to provide site lighting during construction. Light fittings are excluded.

  • Detailed building plans, structural calculations, manufacturing and assembly drawings. Installation drawings and assembly instructions. Packaging and preparation for transport. - Prices indicated on this website for building components are net of VAT (if applicable) and net ex works (excluding transportation). THE COMPANY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE AMENDMENTS OR SUBSTITUTIONS IN THE CONTENTS OF CONSTRUCTIVE AND TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS IF REQUIRED.

Home Essentials

  • All BAUHU homes can be equipped with roof mounted solar PV panel systems designed to meet the power requirements of the building. Working with leading PV manufacturers, we offer solar power generating equipment and a selection of complete off grid solar power kits. Each kit includes PV Modules, charge controller, rack mount, inverter, battery bank, and a fixing kit appropriate for the system size.
  • Solar thermal collectors provide a virtually maintenance free solution to low cost water heating by capturing the warmth of the sun and transferring this heat into a domestic hot water system.
  • Water is a basic vital essential that is often taken for granted. Many locations around the world do not benefit from a mains water supply or the cost of a permanent supply is prohibitive. A rainwater harvesting system collects water from the building roof and the pergola system. Downpipes feed a tank which can also be filled or topped up from a local water supply or mains water if it is available. The collected water is pumped through a filtration and disinfection process before use as domestic potable water.

Hidden Strength

  • Bauhu homes are engineered to respond to diverse climatic conditions and harsh environments. Our steel frame system ensures a stable structure which will not move or rot in humid conditions, is not effected by termites and is proven to be the most resilient construction method for seismic or cyclonic regions.

Eco Responsible

  • Bauhu Homes are manufactured entirely from 100% recyclable materials and are designed to preserve the environment by providing exceptional thermal insulation performance minimising running costs and reducing power consumption.

Remote Locations

  • Some of the worlds most desirable locations are also the hardest to get to. Factory manufactured homes are a perfect solution for locations where mainstream construction supplies are not available or very expensive to obtain. Our international network of logistics experts are on hand to work out the transport.