Bubbles Lamp


This item is offered in a basic Ice White matt polyethylene finis in three sizes. Internal lighting with integrated LED lights is included. Can be ceiling hung.

STUDIO LIGHTS - Simply sensational lighting with internal LED lighting.


Dimensions Small - 40cm diameter. 2.5kg - Medium - 50cm diameter. 3.5kg Large - 60cm diameter. 4.7kg

Made of polyethylene resin in matt ICE WHITE finish by rotational moulding. 100% Recyclable. Available in different colour finishes. Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Ice White items (only) can be internally lit with LED technology.
Lighting Options
  • LED - Internal lighting with RGBW LED technology and remote controlled colour switching.
  • LED DMX - Internal LED lighting LED with remote control unit for switching colors. Also controlled by DMX-1024 (wireless), enabling communication between one or more products simultaneously via the DMX transmitter (not included).
  • LED BATTERY - Battery powered internal lighting with charger and remote control for switching colors.

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